Baten Kaitos Mattress Protector - aurabydemi
Baten Kaitos Mattress Protector - aurabydemi
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Baten Kaitos Mattress Protector

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Your body will also breathe with our products having high air permeability with its fabric surface woven by using special quilting technique with a variety of cotton proportions. In this way, there will be no feel of perspiration and discomfort. While shape of pillow and quilt is protected with silicone filling feature, it provides a comfortable sleep with its springback feature. It is ideal for all sleeping positions and body. Moreover, its maintenance is very easy. You can safety wash our product either manually or in washing machine. Our undersheet products are mostly preferred by our customers desiring to extend the life of their beds, those having children wetting their beds, pregnant and nursing mothers or those having person in need of nursing.

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